The era of having traditional electrical outlets within a home has long since passed due to the many new technologies that have placed a burden on those valuable components. In their place has been an evolution toward residential electrical outlet upgrades that not only balance the addition of new items but also ratchet up the safety from potential dangers.

Listed below are five different types of outlet upgrades that the Master Electricians from Bowman Electrical Services can handle in the La Vernia, Floresville & Greater San Antonio areas:

Recessed Outlets

One annoying aspect of traditional outlets has been the presence of the plugs that might obstruct someone from walking past it or put them in danger from tripping on the extended cords. However, using recessed outlets eliminates such concerns because they’re situated more inside where the previous outlet was, which means that the plug never goes farther than where the surface was in the first place.

USB Outlets

One of the first changes that came about when the aforementioned technologies began to establish themselves as a constant presence was the need for things like power strips to accommodate plugs used for adapters and chargers.

One dramatic change in this area that a residential electrician in Arlington and Mansfield now handles is the installation of USB outlets. No longer does someone have to use a plug simply to charge their smartphone or use as an adapter. Instead, devices that require USB have their own specific outlet.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI)

This is a relatively low-cost option that makes sure that if any interruption of a circuit’s electricity, an immediate shutdown of that circuit will take place. This is something that can be an issue after a brief outage that quickly runs the risk of a power surge that can damage or even destroy expensive devices.

Arc-Fault Circuit Interruptors (AFCI)

A serious issue with some traditional outlets is the prospect of overheating, which can lay the groundwork for damage that can result in costly repairs. Much like the GFCI, the AFCI is set up to quickly discover any marked increase in the temperature of the wiring. Once it’s detected, the outlet is shut down.

Tamper Resistant Receptacles (TRR)

Parents of young children have always been concerned about outlets being an attractive nuisance for youngsters, who may try to insert something in there. That’s because of the potentially fatal prospect of those youths either being shocked or inadvertently starting a fire. The design of these receptacles will prevent such a situation from taking place.

Your Best Choice for Upgrades

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