The electrical service panel is a small box that is usually attached to a wall in your home or business. Because it’s usually tucked away it may not be thought of until there is a power outage in a room or appliance. The panel contains various circuit breakers and other components that transfer electricity from the utility company to the individual appliances and lights in your building. The need for maintenance of your electrical panel should not be overlooked. Over time, this box may become corroded, and loose connections and dust or debris may cause a malfunction. This puts your home or business at risk for power outages, tripped circuit breakers, and other inconvenient situations.


In order to protect your home or building electrical service panel, you need to maintain it regularly. This involves keeping the lid shut, and checking periodically for signs of rust, moisture, and dirt. Furthermore, you should have routine maintenance done by a professional electrician at least once every three years. This can help ensure the system is functional, clean, and safe.

Excessive dust and corrosion can wreak havoc on your electrical service panel. By keeping it clean and maintained, you can avoid stressful situations from a malfunctioning electrical system. An electrician will inspect the panel for signs of rust and wear and tear, and will check all necessary connections. In addition, a professional electrician will conduct a thermal check to detect high temperatures, which could indicate an electrical problem.

Signs your electrical service panel needs to be maintained or replaced include:

  • The circuit breaker trips frequently
  • There are hot or warm areas on the panel
  • There is rust or mold growing around the unit
  • The panel is dusty on the inside


Bowman Electrical Services is equipped to handle even the toughest electrical jobs you have. We will inspect and maintain your service panel, and we can also replace it with an entirely new one if necessary. Your comfort and satisfaction is our goal. Throughout the process, our Master Electricians will communicate with you honestly and clearly so you can know precisely what is going on.

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